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Title: A Pensieve's No Excuse Not To Start Over
Author: sopdetly
Pairing/characters: Teddy/James, past James/OMC, Harry/Ginny, a few other original characters 
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *amnesia tropes, kidfic, marital issues
Word count: 32,881 
Summary: When James wakes up in St. Mungo's, all he wants is his boyfriend Liam at his bedside. His memory, though, is a bit behind the times—eight years, to be precise—and discovers there's a whole life he needs to remember, leave behind, or find his way back to. 
Notes: This story began almost two years ago as a cracky idea with the file name "AMNESIA'D!", at which point I mostly forgot about it. Somehow, it seemed the perfect idea for , so I ran with it. My forever thanks to for her excellent beta, and for the encouragement, patience, and rewards as I struggled through an unexpected writing block, and for letting me steal some of our RP characters (and finally give Liam a chance to be a decent guy!). Thanks also to for sharing her art when I needed a push, and being a generally wonderful cheerleader. <3 
Artist: Maigo
Rating: G - PG-13
Pairing/characters: Teddy/James, Dex
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *James bonding with a minor, beware!, Same sex wedding! *gasp*, Nakedness, but not explicit enough*
Medium: Pencil & watercolor pencil & mechanical pencil & white acrylic
Notes: Sorry for the sketchyness~ That's James' hand in case you´re wondering~ I used no ref and rather regret it =/ This is after the end, what I imagine would happen <3
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. All works posted at this community were created entirely for fun without making any profit. No copyright infringement is intended.

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A Pensieve's No Excuse Not To Start Over )


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