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[livejournal.com profile] teddyjamesbb is a fest all about TEDDY and JAMES, preferably TOGETHER. It's all about long fic with art! AND THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS.

The rules for both writers an artists as well as the timeline are to be found in this post. The short version is:
- Writers write a min. 15k words fic
- Artists make at least 3 pieces of art for a fic
- Everything is beautiful

These are just the preliminary sign-ups. What it means is this: By signing up you're expressing interest in either arting or writing for the fest. You are not 100% committed to the fest until you've handed in your draft (March 24th!). Artists are also not committed until they've picked a fic to art for. What it also means is that if you missed the preliminary sign-ups it's okay as long as you have a 10k draft to hand in by March 24th. Artists can sign up until March 25th, which is the point where they have to pick a fic to make art for. (If, as an artist, you come along after March 25th, please contact the mods - there’s a really good chance we’ll have a spot for you as the artist-to-writer ratio in fandom severely favours writers.)

So, why should you sign up now?

Because if you sign up now you get access to the shiny [livejournal.com profile] tjbb_players community, which is the playground for TJBB artists and writers to have fun, cheer each other on, share bits of WIPs, tips, agony and stress AND have a lot of fun.

Once you've signed up, head over to the pimping materials post and snag yourself an icon and/or a banner and pimp it to all your friends so they can come play too!

If you want to sign up, then please do so via the form below:




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