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Title: These Chucks Don't Burn Like They Used To
Author: theemdash
Rating: PG-13 
Pairing/characters: Teddy/James, Liam (OC), Farryn (OC) 
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *attempted dub-con (via polyjuice), language
Word count: 17,625 
Summary: Seven months ago, Hex Deflection hit wizarding mainstream when lead guitarist James was named the Hogwarts Heartbreaker by Witch Weekly. Since then Teddy, James, and their pop-punk band mates have been thrust into the spotlight, booking bigger shows and fielding interviews from the leading musical magazine Sonorous Punk. The pressure of the public eye and the stress of being on a six-week UK tour is starting to tear at them when Hex's frontman Liam starts grating on everyone's nerves—though no one's more than James's. Caught in the middle, Teddy struggles to walk the line between being James's best mate (and secret admirer) and Liam's on-stage snog. Of course it could be more than the sudden success of Hex Deflection that has James's wand in a knot…. 
Notes: Many thanks to sopdetly and momebie for their alpha and beta assistance, and to sopdetly for generously letting me use our RP characters to fill out the world of Hex Deflection (especially considering what I did to poor Liam). 
Artist: cmajalis 
Rating: PG 
Pairing/characters: Teddy/James Sirius 
Warnings/content: none 
Medium: Digital 
Notes: Wow, I'm very excited right now! I want to thank the mods for being so helpful and my friends and for helping me while drawing. I hope you'll like the pictures. I really enjoyed reading your story so I hope they will be fitting. I also ran into some technical errors with the second picture. I had to redo it so if there's something weird, I'm very very sorry.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. All works posted at this community were created entirely for fun without making any profit. No copyright infringement is intended.

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